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Why This Site?

Why This Site?

Over the years, I have read and evaluated thousands of business plans, written by companies trying to raise financing from my firm, or companies I've been on the Board of trying to raise money from new investors. I have interacted with entrepreneurs, CEO's experienced investors, as well as with the writing professionals who usually helped  write their plans.

In almost all cases, while the plan might have been written "by the book" and looked elaborate and professional, relatively little critique was applied to the business thinking, the financial plan, and the operating plan, all extremely critical not only in raising money, but also - even more importantly - in using the scarce funds to build and grow the company. A good plan is one that reflects clear, direct and realistic business goals and means of execution. Yet many plans look way too "academic" and do not prepare management well to the rigor of investors and Board members. The same is true for presentations, which have become an enormously critical tool to raise money and report the progress of your company.

Many investors have become cynical about business plans. There is sometimes the notion that business plans come a dime-a-dozen and they all look the same. I have spent many man-years trying to dig the essence out of business plans in order to identify which one has the potential to succeed. Over time, I developed my own preference for the style, structure, and content of business plans and Powerpoint presentations. They need to be focused, practical, clearly stated, with an increasing emphasis on realities and execution as opposed to buzzwords and adjectives. In every case, you need A BETTER BUSINESS PLAN AND PRESENTATION than hundreds of others like you trying to raise money or to convince their Boards that their company is on the right track.

My personal style has always been to combine being assertive, focused and practical with a positive and constructive style of communications with management. As such, I can be very effective communicating to you - the Founder or the CEO - both the strengths and the challenges in your plan, and to suggest to you simple and efficient ways to make your thinking, plan, and presentation more passable by both investors and the reality of your business.

I have always enjoyed working with Founders and with CEO's and now, when I have more time in my hands, I look forward to helping YOU to build A BETTER BUSINESS PLAN.
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