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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

This is very simple. I know you are short on time and on money, and I want to address both. So my offering is simple and effective.

1. You need a business plan and/or a Powerpoint presentation. It can be long or short; for starting a business or for growing it; for raising money or for a report to your Board. I do not write the plan for you and you need to already have spent the time to think through your plan and objectives well.

2. Fill out the A Better Business Plan - Contact Form on this page (top left.) In it write your name, company name, and contact information. The most important part, though, is a description of your company, the goal of your plan, and the type of critique you'd like to get from me in order to help your plan or presentation be better and more focused from a business standpoint. Please write all this in not more than 100 words.

3. Indicate which type of advice you would like to receive:
- A detailed, written critique of your plan delivered by email, and accompanied by a chat or phone conversation if you're interested. I will offer you my feedback both on the style and the essence of your plan in a concise, focused and practical way. You can use my comments to improve your plan.

The cost of this service is $500.

- A detailed, written critique of your Powerpoint presentation if you prefer this to be your way of fundraising or conveying your plan. Powerpoint presentations are different from business plans in the way they are delivered (whether orally or by email) and I will provide you with feedback of how to make your presentation more effective and acceptable from a business and execution standpoint.

- The cost of this service is $500.

- A critique of both your plan and your Powerpoint presentation if you have them both ready.

The cost of this service is $800.

- For each of the options above, you can sign up for a follow on session. This means that within three weeks of my feedback to you, I will go over the modified plan and/or presentation and provide you with relevant comments and advice.

The cost of this service, if you sign up for it together with the initial request, is $250.

4. Once I receive the form, I will respond to how I think I can help you improve your plan or presentation. I will also email you a PayPal payment form.

5. If you choose to go ahead, pay for the service according to the instructions on the PayPal payment form. You can use your credit card or PayPal account for that. Then, email me at Eyal@abetterbusinessplan.com your business plan, Powerpoint presentation, or both (according to the option you selected.) I will get back to you within five business days with my critique and if so desired we can schedule a chat or a call, too.

6. If you signed up for the follow-on feedback, we will schedule that, too.


I do not sign NDA forms. HOWEVER, I WILL NOT disclose your plan or presentation and their content to anyone without your prior written consent. I, like many partners at VC firms, have seen many ideas, often similar ideas developed by different people. We never share these with other companies. On the other hand, if there is one single benefit of being a veteran venture capitalist, it is that you have seen it all. This helps me relate to your plan and/or presentation better from a business standpoint and with a focus on execution and financing. This is exactly the feedback you'd want from me, as opposed to the boilerplate that professional business plan writers offer you.
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