My name is Eyal Kaplan. In the last twenty years, since it was started, I have been a managing general partner at Walden Israel, a leading early stage venture capital firm. Our various funds, which raised money from large, top-notch institutional investors in the US and Europe, have made numerous investments in companies in the US and Israel. I've personally led investments, set on the boards, worked with founders and CEOs' and accompanied "exit" events at numerous startups. Since 2010, I have also been independently working with entrepreneurs bootstrapping their companies with minimal outside money until they reach profitable growth. I have served on many Boards of Directors of small and larger companies, often times side-by-side with some of the best known names among investors and big-company CEO's.  I have worked with these founders and CEOs to grow their business effectively and in a very capital efficient way.

I have spoken in many conferences regarding strategy, entrepreneurship, managing technology-based companies, and growing successful businesses, among other topics. I have taught entrepreneurship, business planning and management to undergrad and MBA students and have sat on several advisory boards in two leading business schools - the Technion in Israel, and the Global Consulting Practice at the Wharton School of Business. As chairman of the Technion Alumni Association I oversaw a program to mentor entrepreneurs as they devise their business plans and start their companies. I am considered an experienced, professional investor and Board member, one who focuses on being practical, combines strategic vision with execution, and works very well with young and veteran CEO's alike.  For a detailed description of my experience and capabilities visit my LinkedIn page at http://il.linkedin.com/in/eyalkaplan

How I Can Help You

My goal is to give you fast, focused feedback about the following aspects of your company:

1. The Vision: is it coherent? Does it stand out? Does it make sense?

2. The business model: based on my vast experience in seeing which business models work in different industries, I will review your company's and give you my feedback as it looks to an outside investor or Director.

3. The financial model: I have always been considered on Boards I've served on as someone who knows how to best connect the financial model of the company and its operations, strategy, and business model. I will review your financial projection and give you my feedback how well they connect with your anticipated business model.

4. The selling points: is your business plan focused and differentiated? Is it easy for an outside reader to quickly grasp your vision and its potential, while understanding how well you ecen execute? If your a company has been around for a while - Does the plan capitalize well on past demonstration of execution to convey the reality of the plan going forward?

5. If you ask me to review your Powerpoint presentation: I will review the presentation and give you feedback about its structure, effectiveness, and flow. I will also give you my comments regarding the business model and the financial model of your company, as conveyed in the presentation.

6. I DO NOT write business plans or presentations. The purpose of this website is to give you a quick, focused and very practical review of your plan or presentation SO THAT YOU HAVE A BETTER ONE to present to your investors or Board, and so that you can present it and defend it more effectively.

The feedback you will get based on my review of your plan or presentation will be in the form of a detailed, yet focused and practical email from me. We can then have a chat or a call to further clarify.

Why This Site?
How Does It Work?

In Summary...

If you want your business plan (written and actual) to be looked at by an experienced investor and Board member, and to gain through my eyes the perspective that perhaps your experience or position do not provide, I can help you. My agenda is to help Founders and CEO's build better companies and raise money more easily. I work with a limited number of the people responding to this site, because in the rest of the time I am busy fulfilling my job as a VC and Director. I view this offering as an opportunity to share my experience and way of thinking with people who otherwise would have very little access to the way professionals on the other side of the desk view their plans and their management skills. Whether or not you choose to seek my help - Good luck in building The Next Great Thing!

Fill out the form or email me at eyal at abetterbusinessplan dot com